phone case vs phone cover

custom iphone case

custom phone cases vs custom phone covers

many people don’t understand that there is a big difference between a $9 phone case and a $22 dollar phone case. First, the $9 phone case isn’t a case, is a plastic cover. It’s a great way to show you originality with your phone cover but they offer little protection. A phone case is just that, it’s a case for your phone and these $22 cases are a 3 piece protective case. The include a shock absorbing rubber insert and 2 piece hard plastic outer shell. Both are great ways to show off an one of a kind original unique iphone. But understand that one offers no protection and one offers substantial protection. It’s just a matter of personal preference and budget at that point.

Custom phone cases

iphone case

custom iphone case

design your own phone case at using our designer. Here you can choose product color, type of phone case you want, upload your own artwork or use our clipart and text. Make it completely customizable with a lot of features on the online designer.

Design your own iphone case online

custom phone case

custom iphone case

Design your own custom iphone case using your own artwork or ours at We carry a full line of products including protective phone cases and plastic covers. In addition we also carry ipad, ipad mini, kindle fire cases and more. Upload your own graphics, pictures, or text into our online product designer. Choose your quantity and order. It’s that simple.

custom iphone cases and skins

Designcustom Gone Fishing iphone skin or case. For those who don\’t use a case we offer custom skins that you can adhere to your iphone directly. Design online at

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