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Custom Rush Week Tees

custom rush week tees
Design rush week and greek life tees online. Save money, fast turn around

Design your own custom rush week tees online and save money. Choose from traditional brands including comfort colors among others. We understand Rush Week is huge for you guys and we want to create the coolest t-shirts possible to help you celebrate the week. Use our online shirt designer to upload your own image, choose through our clipart or check out the design ideas which are design templates that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Talkingink has printed custom rush week tees for a wide range of sorority and fraternity organizations. It’s a big week and we’ve been printing custom rush week tees for over 20 years. We offer the best price and nobody can have your shirts printed in less time than

We utilize over 8 different suppliers and several different brands including the popular collegiate brand you guys like by the name of Comfort Colors. That’s right, get custom rush week tees using comfort colors shirts for less than anywhere else on the web.

We print all orders in-house saving you time and money. There are no short cuts to our process it’s simply because we print every order under one roof and one location. All other web companies are the middle man. They ship your order somewhere else to be printed and never see the end result putting trust in the printer they contracted with to print your shirts. This means that the company you ordered the shirts from is taking a piece of the pie, the company printing them in taking a piece of the pie, and those custom printed boxes your shirts arrive are cost money too. At Talkingink, we print every job in our centrally located print shop in Saint Louis Missouri. We are in the middle of everywhere saving you money on each and every order.

We are also a phone call or an email away. Need help with your order or your design or simply like to talk to a live person, no problem. That’s why we are here. Contact us for your next greek week or rush week and we’ll be happy to talk to you about providing you custom rush week tees.

Here is a link to our designer. Check it out! It’s easy and it’s fun.

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