Social Influencers Turning Likes into money


Social Influencers turning likes into money
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Social Influencers turning likes into money

It makes no difference if you are a global celebrity with a million followers or a local wood worker with a You Tube channel and 1,000 subscribers. Your followers are the key to your success and your continued passion. These followers look to you for guidance and your know how to get their own things done whether it’s building a bench, changing an outlet, changing a cars oil, or merely looking for the latest fashion tip. These people are buying what you are selling.

In marketing there is a term for easy sales called “Low hanging fruit.” Low hanging fruit are easy sales that won’t necessarily make your yearly quota and low hanging fruit doesn’t scream loyalty either. However enough sales from low hanging fruit can add up. Low hanging fruit are easy sales because you don’t have to invest a lot of time and generally low hanging fruit are already looking for your product and ready to buy.

In the social media world, every like, smiley face, and heart emoji is low hanging fruit. Turning likes into money has never been easier. While most social media platforms have bench marks before they pay authors, there is a much easier way to make money without the red tape and need to grow a huge audience.

Let’s face it, most social influencers are on a smaller scale. I’m talking about people with a dedicate following of a few hundred to a few thousand people. Most of you will never see a dime from these social media platforms because you simply don’t have enough engagement. That’s fine because more than likely you enjoy making videos and often times it’s about your passion and not our day job.

So let’s cut to the chase. What am I talking about with turning likes into money?

I’ll give you the perfect example. We have a customer who is an engineer for his day job. In his spare time he loves working with wood and making very crafty and elegant furniture out of wood. He thought I’ll make some videos so other people who enjoy my passion and see how I do things. Perhaps they can learn something. So followers were born. So this client wanted to make a little side money on his passion to pay for supplies and things of cost to video his woodworking sessions. So he came up with a logo and started selling shirts on his you tube page. This particular gentleman thought his followers were so loyal and enjoyed his videos so much that if he came up with a logo, put it on a shirt, his followers would buy it. They did and they afforded him to invest in better and higher quality video equipment and invest more time in wood working and show casing more difficult projects. To his followers pleasure.

Chances are you have a passion and you want to share that passion and make videos. There is also a good chance you aren’t looking to get rich from this passion but it’d be nice to make a little money to cover production costs on your videos.

Here is where we come in with turning likes into money.

Talkingink is a custom t-shirt printing company. We offer 100% free online custom web stores where our clients can sell their logo t-shirts. The best part is we do all the work.

we build the store
we handle the orders
we take care of order processing
we ship orders out to customer
we cut you a check for your profits

You come up with a design and send it to us, we build the store and send over to you for approval. We launch the store and run it and the only thing you need to do is promote your store to your followers and collect the income. We do everything else. Again, the best part of turning likes into money is it’s 100% free.

You can use the low hanging fruit of your followers to sell t-shirts for your passion. If you show case electrical work we can help you come up with a cool logo and you can sell shirts to your followers. If you are a gardener, a musician, a gear head, a quilt maker, a painter, whatever your niche is we can provide you with all the tools you need to make money on your passion.

To learn more simply contact us and we can tell you exactly how we can make you money on your passion and it won’t cost you a dime.