Talkingink free spirit store
Talkingink custom t-shirts provides free online spirit stores

FREE Online Spirit Stores


Many of our customers who utulize our free spirit stores are existing spirit wear customers. They are taking advantage of our stores to take care of a particular need. There are 3 main reasons people are using an online spirit wear store.

    • Schools

schools are huge into spirit wear as it’s a great marketing tool and also builds solidarity amongst the student body. School customers who have started an online store with Talkingink are both schools without a physical store on campus as well as schools who do have a physical camp spirit store. They realize that providing people with an online location to purchase spirit wear increases their revenue because they are opening up sales to people who can’t get to school be it parents, grandparents, community members, and out of state alumni.

    • Teams

Athletic teams like the stores because it gives them an opportunity to sell a bunch of spirit wear a few times per year. The use the revenue earned for such things as new equipment, to offset tournament costs, or to simply have reserved revenue.

    • Organizations

This is a large spectrum but we’ve seen many organizations use our online stores in really creative ways. We’ve done corporate stores filled with a variety of polos and jackets, run/walk events have steered participants to the stores, family reunions, clubs, and more have seen the value in making their logo wear available online.

The biggest value all of our customers receive in addition to additional revenue is that an online spirit store frees up there time. With the exception of the initial setup, which is a conversation we have to find out what products they want to offer and what logos that want on those products. That’s about it. The rest is on us and you can sit back and collect the revenue. It’s that easy.

So those are the 3 ways most people find the need for an online store. However we provide it free so there are no upfront costs, you don’t have to purchase a domain, pay someone to build it, and deal with all the hassles of a traditional store.

So here is how it works and how simple it is.

  • You Pick the products you want to offer in your store (We offer a full line of apparel and you can browse our online catalog)
  • You provide us with the designs/logos you want us to print
  • Talkingink then builds the store, provide you with a link, and you get that link in front of your market buyers
  • Talkingink handles all the order processing and shipping.

At the end of a predetermined agreed upon time (Weekly/Monthly) Talkingink will then cut you a check for the profits on the apparel.

We charge you X for each product and in turn you charge Y. At the end of each week or each month Talkingink cuts you a check for the difference between X and Y.

Online stores have been a great profit booster for people wanting to start their own apparel brand, grade school, high school, university logo apparel, team sports, and we have even done online spirit stores for churches. If you sell logo apparel to a specific market, a FREE online spirit store from Talkingink can help you boost sales while keeping your wallet in your pants or your purse.

To Discuss further feel free to contact us at or call us at (314) 664-3965