Why your summer camp needs logo t-shirts

why your summer camp needs logo t-shirts
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Why your summer camp needs logo t-shirts

Summer camps are a special event, one whose memories last a life time. These days there are so many options for kids that include everything from adventure camps, sports camps, science camps, art camps, robotics camps, and the list goes on. How do you differenciate your camp from the others?

The first thing all camps should do is take a page out of the athletic camps book. Notoriously market savvy, sports camps are great at advertising their camps. However their best investment is the fact that they provide their campers with custom summer camp t-shirts. They use camp t-shirt marketing to the highest degree. The best part, is it’s free advertising. It’s the most simple of marketing concepts. You build into the cost of the t-shirt you provide each camper into the cost of the summer camp fee. The return on investment is absolutely incredible because if you have a camp with 100 kids, and each kid gets a shirt. You have 100 walking billboards advertising your camp all year.

Talkingink prints summer camps shirts for various camps througout the spring and summer. The summer camps who have come back year after year never have a problem hitting their registration numbers. In fact their numbers tend to increase each year and they contribute it to the camp t-shirt marketing they do. The best advertising is free advertising and when you build the cost of the custom camp t-shirt into the registration cost, well it doesn’t get more free than that.

The secrete to success is to use trendy colors. Bright colors work great and you can even use different shirt colors to differentiate the various age groups of your campers. Color cordinating your participants is a great trend to make life eaier on the counselors. Its’ a great concept. Kids love the bright colors and catching.

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