Talkingink custom t-shirts about us
Manual screen printing press at Talkingink custom t-shirts

Our Story
We began printing custom T-shirts over 20 years ago. Our initial clientele consisted of local schools and churches and we had the foundation for a successful operation. As our company reputation expanded across the region we started experiencing steady growth. We knew if we were going to continue to grow and be successful we would have to keep 3 ideals in place.


  1.  We have to meet or exceed each customer deadline!  About 50% of our clients order their shirts for a specific event. If we aren’t able to get them their custom t-shirt orders by the date they need them, why be in business. We have always put producing customer orders on time at the forefront of our business model.
  2. Providing the best screen printing at the best price possible! A job well done gets customers coming back and even telling other people about you. Our customers are branding themselves whether is a  little league team or a big corporate conference. Our job is to make their message come across loud and clear with the highest quality inks, apparel, and that is all based on the printers we hire who enjoy printing t-shirts and share the same goal as our company. We build loyalty by giving the customer what they expect.
  3. Providing the best customer service in the industry!  Most people who order custom t-shirts are not graphic artists, they aren’t a branding specialist. They are mom and dads with full time jobs who either take it upon themselves to order team t-shirts for a walk event or a company picnic. Artwork isn’t their forte and in their eyes a shirt is a shirt. That’s where we come in because we try to make the process of ordering custom t-shirts easy. You have questions and we have the answers. Our experience and expertise will make the process simple and at the end of the day make your job easier. We are always a phone call or an email away and our job is to service our customers from beginning to end and all the questions or concerns that may arise in between.