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Talkingink custom t-shirts

Talkingink offers FREE online fundraising stores. Since these are free you are already ahead of the game since fundraising is about maximizing money coming in and minimizing money going out. Saving money on shirt inventory, web hosting fees, ecommerce costs, allows you to maximize your money in to raise funds.

We have done several successful stores in the past 16 months
– A grade school raised $10K from a store that was open for 1 month selling a variety of spirit wear
– A club sport made $1,800 through the sale of a t-shirt which was used to offset the cost of an upcoming out of town tournament
– A club sport makes $2K all four times they open up their spirit store for one month and use the funds to offset membership costs
– A catholic grade school made $2K selling a few items and the profits went to new gym class supplies
– A baseball team raised over $500 from the sale of a t-shirt that went to a players parent going through chemo
– One individual created their own brand and sold t-shirts for profit a few times per year.

The possibilities are endless for needing a free fundraising store. These are just a few examples and these stores can be used for any cause that uses apparel to make money.

Benefits of a Talkingink store

  • No costs at all, no domain to purchase, no hosting plan to buy, it’s 100% free
  • No costly inventory to purchase
  • No setup fees, no shipping fees, you don’t pay anything
Here is how it works step by step
  • We discuss the product or products you want to sell and what designs you want on the products and what the cost of each product is
  • We build a dedicated store with only your products
  • Talkingink handles all of the order processing, printing, and shipping (or you can a group pick up at our location)
  • When the store deadline ends, we produce and ship all shirt orders
  • Talkingink then pays you the difference of what we charged you for the products and what you them for

It really is that easy. You have only 3 duties to get a store up and running.
1. Let us know what products you want to offer and provide us with the designs for those products.
2. We provide you with a price per shirt and you set the retail price
3. It’s up to you to promote the link to your store.

Here is a link to a sample store. Sample Fundraising store

Contact us for details. We’ll be happy to speak with you more about how Talkingink can assist you in your fundraising efforts.