Popular Custom T-shirt Colors

Popular Custom T-shirt Colors

popular custom t-shirt colors
Talkingink Custom T-shirts

Popular custom t-shirt colors

Talkingink custom t-shirts has compiled a simple graphic to show what shirt colors are the most popular custom t-shirt colors. These colors are based on customer orders and range from all time to current new color trends.

You’ll notice the most popular are black, white, and heather grey. Very neutral colors that work great with a single color screen print or a multi color screen print. All three colors cordinate great with any other color of inks or other clothing. Interesting white t-shirt cost the least and black t-shirts cost the most. The heather grey shirts fall in the middle. It’s doubtful these colors will ever not be the top 3 popular custom t-shirt colors.

The next line displays the second most popular shirts in colors. We do so much printing for schools and every school has basic colors for their color scheme and mascot. So a lot of these colors are going to be very standard colors. Depending on the color some inks look great and others don’t. These aren’t neutral colors in the sense that any design will look good. Instead picking the right ink color compliment makes all the difference on the overall shirt success.

Based on shear volume the safety orange and safety green shirts rank up with the black, white, and grey shirts. The top 5 t-shirt orders Talkingink printed in 2017 were safety colored shirts with each shirt order numbering in the thousands. Just about any industry is required by law now to have one of these two colors. Due to OSHA standards these 2 colors fit the bill for their safety standards. Other industries that order the safety colored shirts are your lawn and landscape businesses, tree trimming services, and actually school field trips. Last but not least the safety colors are becoming a popular color for recreational team sports.

The final row of colors are usually a mix between staple colors and trending colors. Right now mint green is a hot shirt and most manufacturers started offering in in 2016 and 2017. Sky blue was a popular color in 2017 and will be again in 2018. Pink is always going to be a color option and gets a really big boost during cancer awareness months. Of course it’s also popular amongst girls and women alike.

Every year a few shirt color die and others are created to take their place. On a basic shirt there are generally over 80 colors to choose. Choosing the right color and ink compliment determines how good a shirt looks. When it comes to marketing that combination is key. When is comes to anything else, have fun with it.

To view all the available colors in the most popular custom t-shirt style, the Gildan 5000 and Gildan 2000, visit our online catalog here.
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